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Hotel Le Relais Impérial, historical photo of the establishment with Napoleon

A story of

First there was the story of the iconic Route Napoléon, then a family story that was created over time. We are delighted to be able to share it with you.

The Napoleon Route

Exiled since 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte left the Island of Elba on February 26, 1815, to regain his crown. The work to develop the imperial road being unfinished, Napoleon set off on foot towards the first Alpine foothills marking certain places with his historical imprint: Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, Escragnolles, and Séranon in particular.

The Relais Impérial building was at that time a horse relay.

A family story

After opening their first restaurant Le Saint Claude in Le Cannet, Mr. Philippe Pasquier, Ex-President of Logis, and Mrs. Eveline Foucaut decided to leave the coast for the Provençal hinterland. They settled not far from Grasse, in Saint-Vallier de Thiey, and thus created the Hotel Le Relais Impérial from scratch, in homage to this world-famous road.

Legend has it that Napoleon stayed there during his visit - a moment in History within reach!

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